Mohammad Karimi

A positive, Multi-task, and productive teammate, with a deep understanding, strong technical and analytical skills in Transportation Systems as well as Control and Electrical Systems, specialized in:

  • Transportation System Modeling, micro and macro scale (railway, subway, roadway, and highway)
  • Road safety study, and signal control design
  • Proficient in VISSIM and VISUM
  • Solid knowledge of signaling and telecommunications systems of railway
  • Proficient in track circuits (AFTC, Impulse, and DC), ATC &intermediate blocks systems
  • Familiarity with the relay and computer base interlocking systems in railway
  • MATLAB programming / Simulink and C++ programming, BASIC programming, R programming
  • Single objective and multi-objective Heuristic Optimization Algorithms (GA, PSO, WOA, GWO, MFO, SCA … )
  • Statistical analysis and probability theory, numerical computation methods, linear algebra
  • Parameter estimation and system identification
  • Controller synthesis (LQR, feedback linearization, adaptive, optimal, MPC, sliding mode)
  • SISO, MIMO, linear and nonlinear systems
  • Intelligent control systems (GA, Neural network systems, Fuzzy controllers, and MAS)