Xingnan Zhou

The 12th New Five Year Plan (2011-2015) National Science-technology Support Plan Projects (Serial Number: 2014BAG01B0501)             01/2014-12/2016

Topic: The Expressway Fatal Traffic Accident Management of and Research and Development of Emergency Rescue Technology and Equipment

Sub-topic: The Quick Response to Major Incidents and Decision Support Technology and System Development

  • Assisted in establishing a cross-regional and cross-sectoral emergency response and linkage mechanism for major emergencies;
  • Constructed a rapid response and decision support platform based on multi-source identification technology for rapid positioning alarm, impact assessment and response of major accidents, and optimal allocation and dispatch of emergency resources and etc.;

National Science-technology Support Plan Projects 

Subject: Metropolis Road Traffic Real-time and Proactive Prevention and Control Technology Integration Demonstration (Serial Number: 2013BAG18B00)   02/2013-12/2015

  • Delved into the key technology of public security real-time warning based on traffic state comprehensive analysis;
  • Immersed in implementation and system development of the demonstration of topic application;

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